Elenchus Consulting has partnered with Core Asset international based out of United Kingdom which has experience of over 15 years of business growth Coaching and Consulting with over 27000 SMB owners across s the world . The powerful tools and methodologies which it has are unique and are designed to help SMB owners to grow the business . Please contact to get a free Business Audit of your growth potential .

Elenchus Consulting offers solutions for business growth

Scalability for businesses in the Mid sized and growing business space which is SME , MSME business . With a range of solutions we offer solutions which will work and transform business .Not only do we help in growth of business but manage results as well. Have a small venture and dream of making it big? Fret not! We help materialize your dream and add our bits and assistance to expand your small scale business.

It is not easy for a company to grow without mentors by its side.

We are a company who innovates your business

put in efforts and endeavours in it to help it grow. A budding business needs a mentor, and we are always at the disposal of small businesses and ventures who are in their early stages of development. It is the formative years of a business that add up to the name and fame of an organization.

Grow your business smoothly under our wing! 

Elenchus understands the needs of the company they work with.

They analyze the inputs made by the company and then makes an analogy with the total output. All the important services are rendered to the businesses by us for attaining success and progress.

We help businesses survive and thrive.


  • Elenchus worked with us in two phases. In the first phase we worked in 2014 for 8 months and in the second stint they worked with us from November 2018 till August 2019. We got Elenchus consulting to solve our challenges of productivity, professional set up, Growth plans, people, talent, culture and business growth issues. Elenchus designed an organisation structure creating business verticals, brought key people, introduced project management, supply chain and shifted the day to day operational burden from the MD to business unit and made the transition to a tech enabled organisation. Some of the Significant contributions to the system by Elenchus was helping to create BU and leadership teams for next level growth, Board meetings with the Directors, inorganic growth path, focused review systems, introduction of new pedigreed talent for various functions, introduction of technology for work flow automation. This was the original vision and requirement of the organisation. The year on year growth was 40 per cent achieved on top line for the group. We found the association very useful and wish elenchus consulting the very best in its future ventures. We recommend all Small, Medium sized businesses to take growth consulting from Elenchus Consulting to grow the business.
    Ajay Adlakha - Chairman Managing Director
    Infinity Group of Companies
  • What a wonderful mentor! They not only understand the company’s nature but also modify things as per the owner’s plan to achieve success. 
    Arun Rajput
  • When it comes to increasing the size and name of your business, Elenchus strikes the mind. Nothing quite like their assistance and services, I say! 
    Rahul Singh
  • Elenchus is a brilliant support system for any growing company. With their help, a business can achieve heights in a short span of time. This is their magic. 
    Amit Kumar

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